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Sea Life London


While I have been working at the London Dungeons I have also had the opportunity to work with Sea Life and in the summer of 2023 I got the chance to build a puppet for them.

Marsha is a life sized green sea turtle puppet. She is made from references and images of the real turtles (Boris and Dougie) in sea life. Marsha was used as part of the Turtles and terrapins event at Sea Life and was used to interact with guests and spread the message about the importance of conservation.

She was made from all recyclable materials so she has a minimal impact on the carbon footprint. Marsha is also named after Marsha P. Johnson, She was made to be a puppet that spread a message and she not only spread the message of looking after our planet but she also spread the message of Trans lives matter and the importance of acceptance and love to everyone.

Below are a few images of Marsha both in the workshop and in Sea Life, there is also a quick video of her with me puppeteering her for the Press Launch of Marsha.

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