The Orange Demon the Beguiles - Oranges are not the Only Fruit

Oranges are not the Only Fruit 


CSSD production 2020 - Puppeteer (Dog & Demon), Ensemble, Puppet Maker and Designer 

Aurther waiting to go over the Top - Trench



A short film made by myself in 48 Hours. Puppet Made and Designed by Myself in 48 Hours 

The Great Andreste Calls - Boudica



CSSD Production/Tour 2019 - Puppeteer, Puppetry Director and Designer.

On Set Puppeteering with a Marionette

Roald Dahl Charity advert 


2020 - Puppeteer

The Raybrook Family - A Message From the Sea

A Message From The Sea 


CSSD Production/Tour 2019 - Puppeteer, Puppet Maker & Designer, Ensemble. 

Elton - Bodies

Explosive Arrangements - "Bodies" 

RCSSD Production 2018 - Puppetry Director, Puppet Maker & Designer

Sheep - Land of the Dragon

Land of the Dragon 


PuppetSoup - Winter Tour 2019, Summer Tour 2019, Spring Tour 2020 - Puppeteer

Red Squirrel - Into the Blue

Into The Blue

RCSSD Production/Tour 2018 - Puppet Maker & Designer, Puppeteer, Ensemble

Magpies and Mischief

Magpies and Mischief  


Jersey Arts Centre 2019 - Puppet Maker

Rouge Element


Rouge Element Puppetry - 2020 - Puppeteer

The Cloud Travellers 


Judith Hope - Arts Festival - 2021 - Puppeteer

The Smartest Giant in Town


Little Angel Theatre - 2021 - Puppet Maker/Maintenance