Keepers Poster ver 2.4.png

‘The Keepers’ is a show about finding your place in the world and a sense of belonging. In this fantasy world there are the ‘keepers’ and the ‘unattuned’. The ‘Keepers’ all protect and look after a gemstone from our world. They help to keep its energy and aura alive and present in the human world. The ‘unattuned’ are simple beings who either do not have a gemstone to protect or have not yet become attuned with their gemstone in which they shall become ‘keeper’. The story follows a young unattuned traveller after the death of his father as he attempts to find and summon his own stone. Along the way he meets many ‘keepers’ who all teach him old charms and spells in order to help him cast his own gemstone. After traveling and meeting several keepers he finally remembers his father’s last words “look within yourself, accept yourself. Only then can your stone truly be yours” and when he realises its not the stone that will complete him but being able to love yourself and others, he is finally able to conjure his Gemstone.

"The Keepers" is a show made and created by myself and is still in its early stages. I can't wait to share its magic with the world.