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About Me

Since a young age I have always been inspired by the magic of theatre. Becoming a puppeteer has allowed me to create and visualise my own ideas and creations. There is something amazing about being able to bring puppetry to wider audiences and suspend people’s disbelief while I bring a character to life. Being a puppeteer and puppet maker/designer has allowed me to really explore the pure joy of imagination and explore fantasy worlds. I have experience in making and performing with all kinds of puppets, but I specialise in table top and hand-held puppets including animals and fantasy characters.It has always been my dream to be a puppeteer, ever since seeing a puppet show at Butlins when I was 5! I have always been so inspired by a puppeteer’s ability to create life right in front of our eyes. I was able to step out of the real world and into magical lands full of pure imagination, a feeling I have never forgotten. My love for this has really been able to blossom whilst at Central. I have been able to step into new worlds and create amazing new work that I would never have done before. I want to be able to allow others to step into new worlds and experience the same magic and pure joy that I experienced as a young child. 

Whilst Learning at central I have been able to not only expand my skills but also develop my self as an artist. By this I mean what I want to achieve within my work. I am very keen to allow my work to be fluid and take different directions but for me there will always be some things that I believe are key to me and my work and they will always stay the same. These are core ideas that will make sure that no matter the difference in my work I am always able to stay true to myself and make sure that I am keeping my self as an artist at the core of everything I do.


My goals while working are:

  1. To never stop learning and developing my own skills.

  2. To be open with my own knowledge and to share with others what I have learnt. 

  3. To always have an awareness of my Carbon footprint and the effect my work has on the planet. 

  4. To be kind and have fun. 





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