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Fantasy Figures


As well as puppets, I also make One Of A Kind Fantasy creature figures. 


Everyone of my creatures are completely handmade and designed by me as well as being unique and 100% one of a kind. I currently make two types of creatures but I am looking forward to creating new kinds! 

All of my creatures are available for purchase directly from me. I am also able to accept commissions for certain characters that you may like, meaning that you can decide exactly what your creature looks like! please contact me if you have any ideas that you would like to discuss. 



The Wanderers are a small tribe of Gnome like creatures that come from deep within Bernwood Forest in Oxfordshire. The Wanderers are known for being protectors of the natural world. They spend their lives helping to keep the natural energies of our planet alive and healthy. The Wanderers are a very adventurous group of creatures, wanting to discover and explore our world. Despite being very curious beings, they are careful to keep themselves tucked and hidden away from the human world. When they are not exploring our world, they spend their time with their own tribe buried deep in the forest. As a tribe they all work together to ensure a good living environment, and all have their own jobs and tasks that they must fulfil. They are very kind and caring creatures that simply want to spread their love and kindness through their world and ours. Every Wonderer also carries a small jar with Gemstones inside in order to be able to keep themselves and others near a safe and nourishing natural Aura. In many aspects of life they are very similar to us, and in many ways they are not, they live their lives with a sense of magic and wonder that we could only dream of. 

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